Fireplace Screens For Your Home Safety

If you own a fireplace, you should consider purchasing a fireplace screen door. It is a screen designed to cover the opening of the fireplace. This is very important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there is safety. It is important to keep embers and sparks inside the fireplace and prevent them from flying out so that there is no fire hazard. A fireplace screen also prevents other materials from falling in or catching fire from being too close. The fireplace screen is important for safety, and it can be an aesthetically attractive part of interior decoration as well.

Fireplace Screens For Your Home Safety
Fireplace Screens For Your Home Safety

There are different styles of fireplace screens. The three most basic and common designs are partitioned screens, screens with hinged doors, and pull chain screen styles. Partitioned screens are set around the fireplace, and are typically divided into 2-4 sections which are hinged together. This way, adjusting the doors to any position you want is easy and you can leave them folded up when not in use. They will also cover the entire fireplace opening without being placed too close. Another style is hinged door screens. As their name describes, these are screens with doors that open and close, which allow you to easily tend the fire. The third most common style is the pull-chain fire screen. These screens hang down like curtains over the fireplace, and are slid to one side or pulled together with a chain. These have the advantage of being easily custom-fitted to any fireplace.

Fireplace Screens For Your Home Safety
Fireplace Screens For Your Home Safety I

Fireplace screen doors are made from various materials – typically metals such as iron, brass, copper or steel, but there are also glass coverings as well.

The price of a fireplace screen door varies widely. Depending on the size, style, and construction of the fireplace screen, you can buy a cheap model for around $80. Standard size and quality will cost from $150 to $200. There are higher quality models as well which go into several hundred dollars, and up to about $800 maximum.

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